Beyond SWPS

At SWPS we aim to prepare all of our students to leave as well-rounded individuals, willing and ready to leave their mark on the world in their own way.

In Sixth Form this includes Careers guidance and university application support for all sorts of different courses, subjects, universities or professions.

Students never truly leave the SWPS Community and are invited to join The Perkonian Network with other SWPS alumnae to keep in touch with their friends and the school.


The Careers programme for Sixth Formers is designed to prepare students for life after SWPS and contains university guidance, specialised application support (such as MDV, Law, International Universities etc.) and employment or training advice for those students not planning on attending university or college.

More detailed information about careers education and guidance is available on the Careers page.


The Perkonian Network (Alumnae)

When you join SWPS, you become a Perkonian for life. The Perkonian Network is how we enable former pupils and staff to keep in touch with each other once they have left school.

We actively encourage our alumnae to stay connected and regularly organise events to bring you together to celebrate your shared experience of education as well as to exchange life and career stories and advice.

Membership is automatic upon leaving school and with our new online community is has never been easier to remain in touch.

We produce regular newsletters and send out invitations to Perkonian events both on and off-site.

The Perkonian Network 

Higher Education

In the Spring term the Lower Sixth attend a 'Higher Education' evening, which includes information about applying to Universities, Student Finance and advice about specific courses.

During the Spring Term, we hold a Universities Fair; in February which over 60 universities come to offer advice and suggestions regarding Higher Education!

Leaver Destinations

When students leave SWPS, they go on equipped with the best skills to take on the world. Many students go on to study diverse subjects at a broad range of universities, including overseas. See below for their destinations over the years.

Class of 2019

Class of 2018

Class of 2017

Class of 2016

Class of 2015

Where our most recent Perkonians are continuing their studies: