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SWPS Summer Reading Bingo 2021

A reminder to join the SWPS Library Summer Reading Competition!

Cross off the Bingo challenge squares and share your photos to be included in the final prize draw in September.

The competition details are available via posters and on Infiniti Summer Reading portal, so make sure you log in to download our Bingo board!

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SWPS students Triaramas

Year 8 French students, as part of Wellbeing Week, have been enjoying creating triaramas about their home towns.

Using their artistic and French language skills, students were constructing their own triaramas (a mini-diorama made from a single square of card), displaying information and illustrations of their local area.

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SWPS Music

A fantastic way to end the year: SWPS held it's Virtual Summer Concert to provide the opportunity for all SWPS musicians who were unable to showcase their talents due to the cancellation of our usually scheduled programme of concerts, to take to the stage and impress their friends, families and teachers.

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SWPS Midsummer Jamboree - 23 June 2021

SWPS was abuzz with excitement this week as Wednesday welcomed the Midsummer Celebration, an event providing a much needed opportunity for the SWPS community to unwind after an unpredictable year.

In their year group bubbles, students moved between a fun-filled itinerary of activities, including...

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