Partition of Ireland Debate - Parallel Histories

Izzy, Niamh, Mara and Maddie from Lower Sixth participated in Parallel Histories' debate on the Troubles in Ireland against Wren Academy this week, a topic that proved to be equally contentious as their last debate on the Arab-Israeli Conflict.

All four participants excelled in debates claiming the British were the root cause of issues in Ireland and over the Partition of Ireland in 1921.

In a topic that was particular close to the hearts and Irish roots of Maddie and Niamh it was great to see our students demonstrate their confidence in this very competitive environment.

Mara in her first participation in these debates drew great praise in her feedback from the organisers, whilst Izzy, Niamh and Maddie were all commended on their improvement since the first debate.

It was particularly great to see the students think on their feet more spontaneously and challenge their opponents with conviction. They are certainly becoming a formidable team of researchers and debaters.