History & Politics Society Talk - 'The Legacy of US Presidents'

In the first meeting of the student-led SWPS History and Politics Society on 19 January 2021, over 50 people, including students from Grey Court School in Richmond, attended an illuminating lecture and an extended Q & A from Dr Thomas Tunstall Allcock, a modern History specialist from the University of Manchester.

Appropriately, 24 hours before the inauguration of the 46th President of the US, we discussed the legacy of US Presidents and how they are reflected upon in popular culture and by historians. The main individuals discussed were John F Kennedy and Lyndon Baines Johnson from the 1960s but there was plenty of opportunity to link and compare to recent events in Washington.

Dr Allcock’s lecture was both informative and entertaining and the Q&A drew out a lot of further detail such as speculation as to whether JFK would have become embroiled in a war in Vietnam. We would like to publicly thank him for generously volunteering his time.

The event was both superbly organised and chaired with poise and humour by Izzy M in L6AA. The next event organised by Izzy and the History and Politics Society is on 10 February, when MP Munira Wilson (Lib Dem spokesperson for Health) will join us to give her fascinating insights into both women in politics and also the current pandemic. We hope to be joined by students from Grey Court School in Richmond for that one too.