History & Politics Society Talk - Munira Wilson MP

Munira Wilson MP was the latest guest for the SWPS History and Politics Society this week on Zoom attended by a mix of parents, students and teachers.

As a first time MP (elected in the snap election of December 2019) her story was fascinating; how she first gained an interest in politics, progressed through many stages of local and assembly elections to finally secure the Twickenham seat for the Liberal Democrats.

One message that emerged from her talk was if you are unhappy about something, do something about it! Munira recalled a friend at university challenging her 'to get off her backside and do something about it' and that set her down a political career path. She also spoke eloquently and passionately in regard to the issues surrounding mental health in young people and her message resonated with the audience.

It was another fabulous talk organised by Izzy Man in Year 12 who showed the sort of spirit Munira highlighted. We thank Munira Wilson MP for her valuable time, demonstrated by her having to depart for various Parliamentary votes!