WINNER! Digital Theatre+ Shakespeare Competition

Eden (Year 8) created this fantastic poster for Macbeth and won her class a tailor-made drama workshop with Digital Theatre+!

Educational platform Digital Theatre+ ran a poster competition to mark William Shakespeare's birthday on 23 April. They challenged students studying the texts to create inspiring artwork for Macbeth, The Tempest, or Romeo & Juliet, and Year 8 have been studying Macbeth as part of their English and Drama lessons.

Not only did Eden win the entire competition but fellow Year 8s Sinai & Sofia's entries were also shortlisted, showing just how talented and creative our students are!

Entries were judged by actor/author/producer Ben Crystal and Arts Broadcaster Fiona Lindsay who had this to say about Eden's haunting entry:

"We love it. It’s original, thought-provoking, alluring & tells the story of the play very well."

sofia year 8's entry to Digital Theatre +'s Macbeth Poster competition

Sofia (Year 8)

Sinai in Year 8's entry to Digital Theatre +'s Macbeth Poster competition

Sinai (Year 8)