Virtual Summer Concert 2021

A fantastic way to end the year: SWPS held it's Virtual Summer Concert to provide the opportunity for all SWPS musicians who were unable to showcase their talents due to the cancellation of our usually scheduled programme of concerts, to take to the stage and impress their friends, families and teachers.

All of the performers really took their moment to shine and produced an amazing playlist of performances recorded in Year group bubbles in the SWPS Performing Arts Centre.

From contemporary hits, to classical pieces, and even soundtracks to popular films and television shows, there was an eclectic mix of genres to cater to all audiences.

It was a truly rewarding moment to see how far our musicians have developed over the year despite not having many opportunities to practise and rehearse together with social distancing measures in place, and we think you'll agree they've soldiered through the obstacles to put on a rich and extraordinarily skilled performance.

Recordings of all performances from this concert are available on our Music webpage, (along with previous concerts!) so do take a moment to have a listen while reading this edition of the SWPS newsletter.

Visit the Music webpage by clicking here