The Dark Room - Shakespeare Young Company

by Natalie Newell (Lower Sixth)

On Saturday 17 April, I took part in an adapted production of Macbeth with the Guildford Shakespeare Young Company, called The Dark Room.

Having been largely devised, scripted and marketed by the Young Company ourselves, it was not only an exciting and enjoyable play to perform, but also to have created almost from scratch as well. A particular highlight of the devising for me was transferring Shakespearean names to characters in our school setting; Lady Macbeth became Beth, and my character, Duffy, was originally Macduff!

After a difficult year of Zoom rehearsals, we were able to meet in person in the beautiful St. Nicholas’ Church in Guildford to perform, where we lived streamed on YouTube. Although it felt strange without a live audience, it was nevertheless an amazing show and an incredible rehearsal week.

By adapting such a gripping and chilling Shakespeare play into a modern comedy-drama, I felt that the themes of the original play felt all the more relevant and powerful, and I hope that came across to the audience in their living rooms!