SWPS Students Attend MUN Conference at Lady Eleanor Holles School

Model United Nations (MUN) is a simulation of the real United Nations, in which students role-play as different UN Member States to debate on current issues. A group of Year 9 to Year 13 SWPS students had the privilege of participating in a MUN conference at Lady Eleanor Holles School. 

Our students took on the role of ambassadors, representing Russia, Zimbabwe, Cuba and Afghanistan. Along with hundreds of other delegates from various schools, they debated resolutions about critical issues such The Illicit Arms Trade, The Protection of Child Rights, The Proliferation of Technology on Mental Health, The Role of the International Criminal Court, and Regulating Artificial Intelligence.  This allowed them to see things from various perspectives and encouraged critical thinking and negotiation skills.

The conference provided an opportunity for our SWPS students to be recognised and appreciated for their hard work and dedication. With Isla E winning the Highly Commended Delegate in the Political Committee representing Afghanistan.  Participating in the MUN conference was a chance to refine our students public speaking and communication skills. Gia S and Isla E both spoke in front of the whole general assembly, with Gia speaking on behalf of Russia and Isla speaking on behalf of Afghanistan, both on the topic of world hunger. They both had to deliver speeches and negotiate with delegates from other schools, ensuring that their arguments were well-researched, logical, and persuasive. The event was a valuable learning experience, and our students were able to enhance their understanding of global issues through research, preparation, and engagement in substantive debates.

The conference at Lady Eleanor Holles School was an enriching experience and enhance their diplomatic skills and broaden their understanding of global issues. They had first hand experience of international relations and build friendships amongst students from a variety of schools. The impact of such conferences on the personal and academic growth of our students cannot be overstated.


Gia, in Year 12 has shared her insights and reflection on the MUN conference:

SWPS students had the wonderful experience of attending our second conference of this year, the LEHMUN. The event itself was organised by the secretariat of Lady Eleanor Holles, and chaired by students from both LEH and Hampton School. The conference was split into several councils, convening on the Friday evening and Saturday. SWPS student were split into these individually, as delegates of their respective countries. These included Afghanistan, Cuba, Zimbabwe and Russia. These countries formed the Political Committee, Special Committee, Human Rights Committee, Economic and Social Committee. SWPS pupils all debated with flair, developing rigorous arguments, and forging alliances. They should all be very proud of themselves.

I had the pleasure of being a part of the smallest (and intense!) council, representing the Russian Federation on current world issues. Our topics were: The Question of Kashmir, The Question of the Somali Civil War and The Question of Regulating Artificial Intelligence. In the security council, we heavily debated and successfully passed four resolutions, several alliances were formed, countries were invaded, and some delegates were even (temporarily) ejected!

On the third day, we had General Assembly. This was in the main hall with all the students attending the conference, with several students representing each country. The subject of this General Assembly was, The Question of World Hunger and its Resolution. I had the pleasure of submitting a resolution crafted with delegates from Hampton, LEH, Haberdasher’s Elstree, NLCS and Lady Margaret School. I delivered a speech in favour of this resolution. I enjoyed debating those against our resolution and defending it during the course of the General Assembly. Overall, it was a brilliant experience and I look forward to our next conference!  A special thanks to Miss Cobbin for re-introducing MUN to SWPS, running the weekly sessions, and for organising the trip.

Gia S, Year 12