Spring Music Concert 2022

Our music Spring concert was ‘blooming’ marvellous! We were treated to fantastic performances by our School Orchestra, Flute Factory, Clarinet Crew, Flute Trio, Jarvis Orchestra, Swing Band, School Choir, Advanced Strings, Flute Choir,  Sax Group and Chamber Choir at this year’s event. To hear this latest musical spectacular and previous concerts, please visit: www.swps.org.uk/academic/music Thank you to all the students involved in this concert and to the audience of parents, relatives, friends, and members of staff who came along to support them.

The talented Eden S. who performed in the concert shared her thoughts about the evening; 'I am grateful to have the Spring Concert because it gives the students a milestone to work towards and confidence in front of an audience. At the end of the concert, there was a strong sense of unity among the students and teachers, even between people who never rehearsed with each other. I am motivated to try even harder in rehearsals to come as I remember the commitment from this concert'. Eden S