2021 A level Results

We are thrilled for our hard-working Sixth Form Class of 2021, with almost 90% of them securing their first choice university place as a result of their A Levels, they should be very proud of themselves!

Despite the huge difficulties of COVID, our Senior Sixth have remained committed, conscientious, and a joy to teach throughout.

Mr Chris Muller, Head, says:

"I know that our students will go on to achieve great things in the future, carrying with them the values and confidence we at SWPS aim to instil. This year is no different, and the Senior Sixth have overcome a challenging year with results that reflect their hard work and dedication."

We spoke with some of our students who achieved outstanding results of 3 A*s:

Micah Adetola- SWPS Class of 2021

Micah Adetola

"I have no words to express how grateful I am to SWPS for enabling me to achieve these results. Although it may have been a challenging year, all of my teachers have worked tirelessly to ensure that we succeed. I only have SWPS to thank for helping me develop into the person that I am today. I will miss being part of such an amazing school."

Mythili Chawan - SWPS Class of 2021

Mythili Chawan

"I am very pleased with my results, which wouldn't have been possible without the fantastic suppport of my teachers at SWPS, helping me through the challenges I faced in my A level studies."
Olivia Cox-Lousada - SWPS Class of 2021

Olivia Cox-Lousada

"I am so pleased that, even after facing a tough year, I was able to achieve these results. I’d like to thank my teachers, who put in the time and effort to keep me motivated throughout. Thank you SWPS for a fab 7 years!!"

Imogen Elliott - SWPS Class of 2021

Imogen Elliott

"I'm so pleased with my results and thankful to all the teachers who have helped me achieve them. The last seven years at SWPS have been wonderful and I wish all my friends the best for the future - I know they will excel in whatever they do!"
Alice Hogan - SWPS Class of 2021

Alice Hogan

"I'd like to thank all my teachers for putting up with me for the past two years; I have always managed to have so much fun in all of my lessons thanks to the effort and kindness they all consistently put in. The fact that I get to leave with qualifications is really just an added bonus!"
Lola Wright - SWPS Class of 2021

Lola Wright

"I'm really happy with my results; I worked hard and couldn't have done it without the support of my teachers and the Head of Sixth Form, Mrs Synge."