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Our vision at SWPS is for our students to be confident users of digital technology, equipped with the skills, integrity, and confidence to excel in their education whilst preparing for their future careers. 


students using two ipads in a lesson

Learning environment

From Year 7 to Year 11, all students utilise their individual iPads, and Sixth Form students have the flexibility to select a device that aligns with their specific subjects and learning needs. We maintain stringent online content filtering to ensure student safety, while also imparting essential skills for safe online practices and encouraging responsible technology usage. Classrooms feature interactive smart boards that encourage screen sharing, creating versatile learning environments.


Digital FAQ



Enhance Learning: To expand upon existing effective methods to advance the quality of teaching and learning, fostering increased student involvement and participation.

Access to resources: Ensure students and teachers have access to digital educational resources, such as e-books and educational apps.

Personalised learning: Tailor education to individual learning styles through adaptive learning platforms. 

Digital Literacy: Equip students with essential digital skills and knowledge for the 21st century, including internet safety and responsible technological use.

Communication and collaboration: Foster effective communication and collaboration amongst students, teachers and parents through digital tools and platforms.

Futureproofing: Prepare students for a technology-driven future by integrating new technologies and teaching them how to adapt to digital tools, for example Artificial Intelligence.

Core Digital Applications