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If you have ticked 'other non-European', completion of this form represents your confirmation and representation that the applicant has the unconditional right to enter, live and study in the UK for the duration of the education offered by the School. Failure to give correct information will constitute a material breach of any agreement(s) entered into between the School and you in relation to the education of the applicant, entitling the School to terminate all and any such agreement(s) without any obligation to return any deposit or fees paid.

School Place

If seeking entry for any year group OTHER than Year 7, please ensure you contact Admissions before paying the non-refundable Registration Fee. (Admissions: 01932 574 900)​

Signatory 1

Signatory 2

(Only complete if different from Guardian 1)​

Other people with parental responsibility

Please provide the name(s) and current address(es) of any other person with parental responsibility (i.e. legal responsibility) for the above names child. This may be a legal guardian or step parent and their consent to the child attending the School will be required if an offer of a place is made.

If someone other than the first and second signatories is to pay the School fees for your child please provide below their full name and address and their relationship to your child.

Further Details

This includes, but is not limited to, family members or close relations: already a student, registered for entry, or working for/at the school.​​​
If unsure, please select YES and provide details, just in case.​​
Please provide names and the nature of the connection with the school​
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