Our Calendar is an integral part of every day life at Sir William Perkins's School, keeping the entire community informed about what’s on, where and when.  It is accessible via a dedicated SOCS web page, which has the added benefit of allowing you to view co-curricular clubs and sport fixtures alongside calendared events.  Set out below is some brief guidance which we hope will help you get the best out of this useful facility.

Please be aware that calendar events are likely to be subject to change.  We will, as ever, keep the calendar updated but please do check in regularly and if you take advantage of the calendar sync option your personal electronic calendar will automatically update when changes are made.  We have also set out below key Parent Evening dates for the year for your information.

Click to view the School Calendar

Guidance for Accessing the School Calendar

  1.  You can view the calendar as either as a grid or a list by selecting the Grid or List icons.  Once you have decided how you would like to view the calendar you can select today, day, week or month view.  The calendar is currently defaulted to display event in list and today view.
  2. You can filter the calendar by categories using the Filter Calendar icon located at the top right of the screen.  This will allow you to focus on parts of the school calendar relevant to you.   By default Co-Curricular Clubs and Sports Fixtures are visible in the calendar, however you can select the filter option and deselect these if you just require the calendar entries.
  3. You can use the Calendar Sync button to synchronize the school calendar with your personal electronic calendar.   You can either synchronize the entire school calendar or by your chosen category filters.   Any subsequent changes to the calendar will then update your personal calendar. Easy to follow device-specific instructions will appear when you click on this button.
  4.  If you are viewing our calendar on your mobile phone you will notice it loads up as a Mobile Web App. The Mobile Web App will allow you to access the school calendar on the go and save the icon to your home screen to access the calendar quickly.