Sir William Perkins’s School has much to offer individuals who demonstrate outstanding talents and potential in their chosen field.

In our mission to develop, extend and nurture talent, a range of scholarships are available to exceptional students who will benefit from the experiences and opportunities our scholars’ programmes offer. We believe in developing our students’ talent, supporting them to become curious, ambitious and generous individuals, ready to take on life when they leave us. The school supports, develops and celebrates Academic, Creative Arts and Sporting talent from Year 7 onwards though our range of Scholarship programmes.

Aspire Programme

Strong candidates who are not awarded a full Academic, Music, Art, Drama or Sport Scholarship may be invited to join our ‘Aspire’ programme. This gives students the opportunity to join Scholarship activities and take up opportunities such as peer mentoring and specialist trips in recognition of their ability and commitment to their chosen field. Whilst there is no fee remission for being on the Aspire programme, it is nevertheless a prestigious opportunity and one which will allow the students to develop their specialist interest and talent extensively.

Find out what students can expect and what is expected of them in the scholarship programme

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Scholarships are offered in recognition of achievement and potential.

SWPS offers five forms of scholarship:

Art & Design


To apply for Art & Design, Drama, Music and Sport scholarship auditions (usually held at the end of November) click the link below. An online application form for these must be completed for Year 7 and Sixth Form entry.

 Year 7 scholarship Applications

Sixth FORM scholarship Applications

Academic scholarships are awarded at the Governors' discretion. All scholarship awards are held throughout a student’s school career, but may be subject to certain conditions required by the Department making the award. For example, studying the subject at A Level may be a requirement. This will be reviewed at any time in the light of their performance in the school and commitment to the Scholars’ programme. In exchange for the privilege and enhanced programme of learning and development, Scholars will be expected to apply themselves fully, making a positive contribution to school life.

Candidates for Art & Design, Drama, Music and Sixth Form Sport scholarships will be subject to the standard academic requirements for gaining a place in the school.