SWPS offers Perkins Foundation Bursaries.

A Perkins Foundation bursary can be applied for at the main entry points to the school, namely in Year 7 and Year 12.

Perkins Foundation Bursaries

Perkins Foundation Bursaries are means-tested and may be worth up to 100% of tuition fees.

The Governors of Sir William Perkins's School are committed to broadening access to the School by offering to eligible parents/ guardians means-tested financial assistance with the payment of school fees. Such support is known as a Bursary and these may be awarded in the form of a discount of up to 100% on tuition fees payable, depending on the financial, compassionate, or other pertinent circumstances of applicants.

Bursary awards are subject to an annual review and may be varied upwards or downwards, depending on any changes to parental circumstances.

Requests for financial support usually fall into two categories:

Perkins Foundation Bursaries, for Year 7 and Sixth Form applicants upon entry to the School.

Assistance Bursaries, sometimes referred to as Hardship Bursaries, are for existing pupils where there is a change in parents'/guardians' circumstances that has resulted in difficulty meeting tuition fees and possibly in the pupil being withdrawn part-way through a critical stage of education.

To enquire about a Year 7 Bursary click the link below.


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The process for requesting and applying for this support is set out in the School's Bursary Policy available on the:

Policies Page of this website

Year 7 applicants wishing to apply for assistance must request and return the relevant forms to the Bursary Department by 1 October 2024.