GCSE Options

During Year 9, students will be asked to choose the subjects they wish to study for their GCSEs (normally nine); the examinations for these will be taken in Year 11.

GCSE Options Guide

The compulsory subjects are:
English Language English Literature
Mathematics Science

Further Mathematics is also available as an additional GCSE for the top set students who are able to study for this additional qualification within their Mathematics lessons.

Additionally, students take at least one language:

French German
Latin Spanish
and one humanity:
Classical Civilisation Geography
History Religious Studies
Further option choices are made from the following selection:
Art Classical Civilisation
Computer Science Design & Technology
Drama French
Geography German
History Latin
Music Physical Education
Religious Studies Spanish

Students who are bi/trilingual will also often take an additional GCSE in their home/second language by studying it outside of school but taking the examinations in school in any year that is appropriate in relation to their attainment and progress.

A great deal of help is given to students in choosing their options and particular emphasis is put on this during the Year 9 information and parents’/carers’ evenings.