Our Careers Department is here to advise and support students and their parents in making choices that are right for them throughout their school career.

This includes giving students clear guidance on the options available to them and the wider implications around those choices. Guidance provided will help students make informed GCSE and A Level decisions, giving them the very best chance of fulfilling their potential.

Throughout their time at SWPS, students develop their skills in many ways – not only in their academic studies but in holding positions of responsibility, leading teams, making presentations and participating in a wide variety of co-curricular activities. These develop many of the transferable skills essential for the world of work.

The Careers Department enables students to identify their strengths, weaknesses and interests relating to the world of work. By learning about different careers and opportunities, they will be able to identify the best options for them individually through one to one support and guidance.

Careers Activities

The Careers Suite

Within the school there is a dedicated Careers Suite which comprises of 24 computers and a fully resourced library with a wide range of information on different careers, general career guidance and a comprehensive catalogue of up to date University prospectuses. The school also has access to a software programme called Probe which allows online questionnaire. All students have access to the Suite and the networked Higher Ideas and JED software accessible on all computers. The software allows students to generate ideas for careers based on their interests or subjects chosen, as well as giving them detailed information about the responsibilities, working conditions and pay of different jobs.

It also gives them guidance on how to get into that industry and the training required. Course ideas at University can also be generated, based on their interests and chosen subjects.