Academic Ambition

At SWPS we want to stretch and challenge all of our students. We therefore hold a series of seminars, after school, which seek to inform, provoke, stretch and challenge our intellectually ambitious students.

The seminars are open to any SWPS student, but we expect our Academic Scholars to attend some, if not all, of these sessions.

The sessions, which are an hour in length, are led by the Head, Mr Muller, and introduce students to new ideas in philosophy and science, great texts from the western canon, as well as wider historical and political trends and theories.

The seminars are intellectually demanding but, we hope, both fascinating and exciting; they are based on what university courses are like and so will give a flavour of what to expect. Indeed, we hope that our students will come away from these sessions more inspired to read and think more deeply.

Summer 2021 Seminars

SWPS' Programme of Academic Ambition Summer Seminars 2021


Academic Scholars are offered scholarships based upon their results in their Entrance Examination, or upon their GCSE results when applying for SWPS Sixth Form.

For more information on the school's Scholarships and Bursaries, click on the link below.

Scholarships & Bursaries

Academic Ambition Booklet

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