Pastoral Care

Prioritising student wellbeing is at the heart of what we do at SWPS.  We focus on them as an individual, encouraging them to achieve their potential and explore their interests in an atmosphere where they feel supported, encouraged and appreciated. We have a full time school counsellor available to support students in our Wellbeing room and two external counsellors who can meet with students in our designated counselling room.

Heads of Years oversee the pastoral care delivered by Form Tutors, supporting students as necessary. As well as one-to-one support, Tutors deliver the PSHCE (personal, social, health and citizenship education) programme.which has a strong focus on good physical and mental health.

The latest inspection report concluded:

"Pastoral care is excellent, and effective systems are in place to identify and respond to individual needs. Staff go out of their way to provide appropriate support in a friendly and approachable manner. Any pastoral concerns are given a high priority and are followed up by teachers."

And the inspectors themselves noted:

"Pupils are friendly and self-reliant, reflecting the school's emphasis on integrity, high standards of behaviour and sound personal values. They are confident and have a sense of responsibility for the school, the environment and the local community."


Mrs Frances Blyther, our Pastoral Co-ordinator and School Counsellor, is on hand to help students and their parents if they require it. 

Mrs Blyther can be contacted by telephone on 01932 574 937
or by email:

First Aid

Mrs Clare Desai, our Office Manager and Head's PA, oversees the First Aid Room. Mrs Desai is a fully qualified First Aider, as are many others on her team who help provide emergency medical attention to any pupil who requires it.

We have a First Aid Room where pupils who require emergency medical care can come to receive basic first aid.

For more detailed outlines of the first aid the School can provide and the administration of medicines, see the policies on the School Policies Page.

Mrs Desai is available at or 01932 574900.